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IOWAserv offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services to the entire IOWArocks community, either directly or via our trusted ecosystem partner network. For data providers, it delivers services designed to accelerate data monetisation programmes. For data consumers it supports specific data sourcing requirements and, for our existing IOWAtech clients, IOWAserv continues to provide expert professional services. 

Data Monetisation

IOWAserv offers a range of consultancy services on “Data Monetisation” including advice on your data assets, collection, storage and distribution technology, policies, marketing and sales (direct, channel and ecommerce). 

Data Sourcing

For data consumers, IOWAserv offers a range of consultancy services on “Data Sourcing” including advice on all available data sources, selecting the best technology to access data and dealing with data providers. 

Professional Services

For existing clients, IOWAserv continues to offer expert “Professional Services” including bespoke development, installation, training, etc. 

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