Sell Data

Connecting more buyers in more places

Need expert advice on maximising the value of your data assets? Need additional sales support? Need proven, world class technology to streamline your data consumption/creation operations? Need a global marketplace which brings together buyers and sellers of market data, reference data, alternative data and so much more? Look no further, we have it all.


IOWArocks is a unique global marketplace designed for data providers and data consumers alike. It provides simple, streamlined access to market & broker data, alternative data, reference data and so much more. Delivered via APIs including Python, ecosystems like OpenFin, Excel, files, platforms such as Refinitiv TREP, web and mobile. It’s the only place to be.


Use the unique IOWArocks global marketplace to connect with a growing range of cool technology partners to supercharge your data focussed business. If you are looking for proven technology to collect, store, distribute or enhance the value of your data, we have it all. Get in touch to learn more.


Access a growing range of invaluable advisory services via the unique IOWArocks marketplace. Here you will find a variety of service partners who can provide expert advice to both data owners and data consumers alike. So, whether it’s legal support, additional business development capabilities, looking to maximise the value of your data assets or need new data sources, we are here to help. Get in touch to find out more.