DataCompliance LLC is a specialist consultancy advising Stock Exchanges, Financial Institutions and vendors on leveraging market data as a resource for their businesses.

We analyse trends and requirements for market data, its regulatory impacts by providing an independent market perspective,

Data is more important than ever to the business, the right data gives a competitive advantage, wrong data leads to inaccurate analysis and inevitably poor decision making. End result either path impacts the bottom line.

Yet sourcing data is becoming more complex, it comes with ownership, and with owners comes rights and obligations to usage, along with a cost. This is where DataCompliance LLC comes in providing compliance and risk positive strategies to:

Advise financial institutions on how and where to source the best data, and who from.
Help our clients obtain and manage their licences. When data sources audit we assist with the defence.
For data sources we develop business strategies to grow revenues by leveraging their data and associated IPRs

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