All about us

We’ve built IOWArocks and they have come…

Team players

The IOWArocks team shared a dream which was to liberate the financial services industry from the restrictions and limitations imposed by the long-established data vendor monopolies. That dream is now a reality.

Board of Directors 

David Priestly

David Priestly


Paul Watmough

Paul Watmough


Richard Gissing

Richard Gissing


David Miller

David Miller

Development Director

Simon Luhr

Simon Luhr

Non-Executive Director

Advisory Board

Clare Walsh

Clare Walsh

Board Advisor

Anne Whalley

Anne Whalley

Legal Director

At first, not everyone understood the value of the IOWArocks field of dreams vision, but they do now. This is evidenced by the growing number of world-class data providers and business partners who have already signed up. Now, more than ever, the industry needs to level the playing field so that more people can benefit from substantial cost-saving, delivered via innovative technology and modern working practices. IOWArocks is the game-changer. 

Drawing on the memorable words, ‘Build it and he will come’, from the blockbuster film Field of Dreams, is the essence of what the IOWArocks global marketplace is all about. It has not always been an easy journey, but it has been an amazing one.



Official launch of the new IOWAdata marketplace

MDXT rebrands to IOWAtech


Q4 BMLL Technologies & Alqami jump on board
Q3 Marex Spectron join the data provider community
Q2 EOSE joins the partner community to support business development

ICE, EDI and 360T join IOWArocks.

IOWAtech (MDXT) aligns with TP ICAP’s data and anayltics business to maximise value from data


Q3 IOWArocks. New content creators sign up, including NewChangeFX & Numerco etc
Q2 IOWArocks launches proof of concept, adds Clinical Cube, CubeLogic and others
Q2 IOWArocks hosts inaugural industry roundtable, onboards first content consumers
Q1 MDXT creates MDX Holdings and MDX Content (


Q4 Project IOWA welcomes first content creators including FactEntry, EVIA and others
Q3 The dream becomes reality. Project IOWA is born


Q4 MDXT releases V4. MarketAxess goes live and signs new partnership with Symphony


Q4 MDXT announces Deutsche Bourse (360T), FinEx and Portfinance go live and expansion in North America


Q4 MDXT announces Marex Spectron go live


Q4 MDXT releases V2. More new customers go live                                        


Q4 MDXT launches V1. CMC Markets and others go live. Partners with Microsoft & NYSE


Q4 MDX Technology Ltd formed, partners Bloomberg and Reuters