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Spotlight on Alqami – Global travel data sets

Wednesday 26th May 2021

Global travel data at IOWArocks

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Our spotlight series takes a closer look at our data providers and what makes their data sets unique. Everyone’s needs are different that’s why we are on a mission to democratise the world of market data, and create a level playing field where providers and consumers can come together and drive business growth.

Alqami is a data intermediary, collaborating with a global partner network, matching alternative data providers with data consumers. They specialise in sourcing large, esoteric, data sets and finding investment managers who would realise significant value in having this information edge. They focus on quality over quantity, providing a boutique service that prioritises relationships with both supply and demand clients.

Alqami’s Global Travel Dataset

The Coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel and hospitality industry but now we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. As nations are swiftly rolling out vaccination programmes and the European Commission announces a bloc-wide policy change that would allow fully vaccinated American travellers to visit the region, without restrictions, starting this summer. This begs the question though, will all companies within these industries return to pre-crisis performance?

We had a chat with Samantha Campbell, Alqami CEO to learn a bit more about their unique proposition.

Tell us about your data set.

“Our data set provides access to over US$50 billion in annual global business travel spend, broken out for all airline, hotel, and car rental companies. Consolidated daily, from over 1,000 travel outlets in 110 counties and augmented with global credit card and expense management data. The data set provides a holistic, all-encompassing “all spend through all channels” report; providing users with over three years of historic data for comparison. Since it consists solely of business travel data, the comprehensive data set is of high volume and can be differentiated by business vertical, all with unique identifiers to travel companies to their relevant stock ticker.”

What makes your data valuable?

“As businesses slowly start to travel again and move away from virtual meetings, our data can provide insight into market recovery by business vertical, how this will impact travel providers and how business travel patterns have changed and continue to change, with a forward-looking view. The data is unique because it does not come from just one travel supplier with a preferred targeted customer. It also covers multiple channels including air, hotel, and car rental, so it has broad coverage. And because we consolidate global data sources containing solely business travel information, it is a high volume, comprehensive data set overall.”

What types of customers are you marketing this data set to?

“Due to the equity linkage, broad coverage and current economic environment post pandemic, we are targeting investment managers interested in analysing the travel industries recovery to inform their trading strategies, particularly as business travel is a major driver for airline profitability.”

Can you share an example of how these travel insights can help inform trading strategies?

“As a small number of routes drive revenue for different airlines, tracking airline market share on these key routes is essential. This enables users to pick winners and losers in a highly competitive market. The response to changing demand, and price analysis between the various travel providers can deliver valuable insights into company profitability. Business travel data can also provide early insights into major corporate activity if there are unusual levels of clustered executive travel for a particular geo-location. And most obviously, these insights can provide a much broader understanding of local or macro-economic activity, which can be overlaid with any data.”

Check out Alqami’s global travel data in the IOWArocks data marketplace now.


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