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IOWArocks significantly expands inter-dealer broker data coverage

Now with even greater accessibility for consumers

Delivered at speed, more efficiently and at a significantly reduced total cost of access

Connect once, access everything, use anywhere

Tuesday 20th Oct 2020|London

IOWArocks, your global data marketplace, today announces a significant expansion of the inter-dealer broker (IDB) datasets available, coupled with greatly improved accessibility for all data consumers via an enhanced WebSockets Connector module. Covering all asset classes and regions, IOWArocks provides consumers with direct access to IDB data at the frequency required, delivered where needed and most crucially, at a reduced total cost of access.

Leveraging over twenty years experience of working with the global IDB community, IOWArocks is the single source venue that utilises state-of-the-art secure cloud delivery which can dramatically reduce the total cost of access to mission-critical data. IOWArocks is unique because it enables data consumers to very quickly source all IDB data in real-time, delayed, snapshot and historical formats.  The enhanced WebSockets offering provides even more consumers with a faster and more efficient way to connect and consume data in addition to the wide variety of APIs including Python, ecosystems like OpenFin, Excel, files, platforms such as Refinitiv TREP, webpages and mobile apps. IOWArocks also reduces the need for expensive engineering resources, infrastructure, terminals or feeds to access IDB data.

Richard Gissing, CTO & Co-Founder of IOWArocks said. “By further simplifying data access, we believe the availability of the enhanced WebSockets capability, is a significant development that will make life even easier for both data providers and data consumers alike. We live in exciting times and are very encouraged by the variety of inbound enquiries we have received recently, particularly from a growing number of major banks who are looking to achieve substantial cost savings and re-establish direct relationships with the IDB community and other data providers. The team is continually enhancing the user experience of the IOWArocks marketplace, and we are committed to on-boarding many more data sources to support increasing demand from a diverse and geographically spread community of data providers and data consumers.”

Paul Watmough, CEO & Co-Founder of IOWArocks said. “In a time of continuing global economic uncertainty, the need to control operating costs and preserve employment has never been greater. In line with our peers across the industry, we believe that adopting innovative technology developments which can help to transform outdated working environments and improve business performance is the only way forward. In the world of data deployment and acquisition, IOWArocks is leading the charge and has clearly demonstrated that retaining the deeply entrenched status quo is no longer an option and the future of the industry depends on all business leaders embracing the urgent need for change.”

About IOWArocks

IOWArocks is your global data marketplace providing a unique ‘connect once, access everything, use anywhere’venue for all data providers and data consumers.  Delivering market data, reference data and alternative data from data providers to data consumers. Powered by proven technology from MDX Technology. The firm is headquartered in London.

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