IOWArocks goes mobile

Tuesday 13th Oct 2020|London

Your global data marketplace. Connect once. Access everything.  Use anywhere.

We had a quick chat with Darren Richards, IOWArocks Technical Specialist, to learn about our ambitious development roadmap and in particular the smartphone application which is being developed to meet the growing needs of a global, remote workforce.

Why are we building a smartphone application?

“Two reasons. Firstly, to give people access to the IOWArocks global data marketplace on their smartphones, when they are away from their desk and so on. Secondly, and equally importantly in the current climate, the ability to access our offering on a tablet like an iPad. This is great for working at home where you might not have the full multi-LCD screen setup you had in the office.

If and when normal service resumes then maybe having some of the great alternative data sources available on IOWArocks, accessible on a tablet, then it would be supplementary to your existing desktop set up. A valuable extra source of market intelligence if all your screen real-estate is already taken up – often with a layout you have perfected over years and don’t want to change.”

What are the types of features it will include?

The IOWArocks marketplace delivers; a mechanism for data discovery (searching etc.) and viewing data updating in real time, with graphics and charting where appropriate. For the smartphone application where you may be less likely to watch for a price to hit a threshold for example, you could set up notifications for when certain events happen. This really comes into its own with wearables, like the Apple Watch.”

When can we expect the smartphone application?

“We have an initial version of the IOWArocks app in the Apple Store at the moment, however it is still very much in preview mode with very limited functionality. That said, we have experience building in both iOS and Android so the roadmap is planned out and I expect in the next 12 months for us to be going live with a fully functioning IOWArocks mobile version!”

How does this capability fit into the wider development strategy?

“As product developers we are keen to ensure that our “Connect once. Access everything. Use anywhere” strap line means something very real to our customers. We have an ambitious development programme to bring our market data offerings, on all devices, to the market over the next 6-12 months. With people working in increasingly disparate remote environments we need to go beyond the traditional desktop. The industry has witnessed huge disruption and we have more technology than ever at our fingertips, this in turn has created a more agile and demanding audience which requires data manipulation tools beyond traditional spreadsheets and the like. Our mission is to meet those needs with innovative and exciting solutions, our proven track record in the market data space means that we are well placed to deliver against this goal.”

If you would like more information about the IOWArocks global data marketplace then please get in touch.

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