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IOWArocks adds ICE Data Services to marketplace

ICE Data Services consolidated data feed available now

Provides flexible access to ICE’s broad catalogue of data

Highly complimentary new service offering

Wednesday 5th Aug 2020|London

IOWArocks, the connect once, use anywhere, global data marketplace, today announces ICE Data Services (IDS) has joined their fast growing data owner community. ICE Data Services is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), and provides a comprehensive set of market insights and information, including pricing and analytics, indices and exchange data. IOWArocks is powered by MDX Technology.

Anthony Belcher, Head of ICE Data Services (EMEA) said, “The ability to deliver our consolidated data feed via the IOWArocks product suite provides an additional flexible, complementary service to our existing high-performance data distribution capability. We believe the combination of ICE data and IOWArocks applications will be particularly appealing for many market participants. This approach is aligned with our philosophy of delivering reliable streaming data at the highest possible throughput.”

Paul Watmough, Founder and CEO of IOWArocks commented, “We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious organisation into the IOWArocks community. The availability of ICE data is very compelling as it can be easily adapted to suit the needs of a growing number of financial institutions and niche players, keen to access content in new and inventive ways. We believe this represents a significant turning point in an industry desperate to embrace much needed change through the adoption of innovative technology and modern ways of working.”

“As IOWArocks is a connected software vendor, end customers will no longer need to establish physical networking to use our services,” Belcher added. “By providing simple, streamlined access to our wide variety of data, via a suite of ‘ready made’ internet facing APIs and interfaces, many more users will have greater choice.  This, together with the unique ability to create tailored data packages designed to suit specific needs and budgets, represents a new and positively disruptive relationship. We are very excited about the new business development opportunities this relationship represents for everyone involved.”

About IOWArocks

Started in 2018, IOWArocks is the global data marketplace providing a unique ‘connect once, use anywhere’ venue for market, reference, and alternative data. It enables a growing and diverse range of data owners to seamlessly connect with a global audience of data consumers. Underpinned by proven technology from MDX Technology, the new marketplace is open for business 24/7. The firm is headquartered in London.

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