Good health – An intoxicating cocktail. Shaken not stirred

Tuesday 18th Feb 2020|London

First mover advantage

Legend has it that Lord Rothschild made an overnight fortune all because his messenger was first to deliver the news of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Given the Rothschilds already had an established powerful banking network that has profited immensely from the Napoleonic wars, perhaps there was some truth to the story. Whatever the reality of the situation, the Rothschild’s were not the first to benefit from having first mover access to invaluable content, nor will they be the last.

No longer the stuff of fiction

The advent of the “alternative” market with big or commercial data continues to generate much interest and activity. Mental images of satellites compiling car park data at large retail outlets, sensors tracking containers shipping goods all over the world, market makers feeding this special sauce into predictive algorithms or fingers paused over the buy or sell buttons providing instant access to markets across the globe. Once the stuff of fiction, straight out of an Ian Fleming book or a James Bond movie. But now perhaps a reality.

Shaken or stirred

Back in the real world, companies like Clinical Cube, although perhaps without the aid of a foreign power’s satellites, have developed an amazing product that taps into healthcare data enabling users to integrate changing pharmaceutical industry trends into a single dashboard. Nothing very James Bond about that, I hear you say, until you look at the size of the global pharmaceuticals market, estimated to reach a show-stopping US$1,170 billion by 2021. So, whether you like it shaken or stirred, this is an intoxicating cocktail of opportunity by anyone standards.

We’re all unique

The pharma industry is a market unlike any other. Stocks and shares, gas, oil, or marine fuels, you name it all are deemed ‘unique’ bringing their own idiosyncrasies and complexities, defined by individual demographics and geo-political issues. However, what’s so fascinating about the pharmaceutical industry is that it is fundamental to the continuing health and wellbeing of the global community. And yes, that includes both you and me.

The jewel in our crown

Healthcare is a very emotive subject, close to everybody’s heart. It affects us all at many levels personally, socially and professionally. Here in the UK, sadly our great National Health Service is sometimes used as a political football and further afield it has also been a major subject of debate for the odd presidential campaign or two. Yet despite all its challenges, this is a jewel in our crown, envied the world over. Markets have been known to influence and shift political and public opinion, whereas messing with people’s healthcare is proven to move the market.

Moving the market

If it is agreed, that we as consumers may appear to be just bit players on the stage of the global pharmaceutical industry, the reality is quite different. Whenever anyone buys, or is prescribed any form of medication, it has a significant impact on the entire industry, and thus you begin to see the relevance of “big data or alternative data” at work. Each time there is a transaction, this data fundamentally affects “market data”, all be it the stock or bond price of an underline pharmaceutical company. It’s almost as if we have found a way to describe “alternative data & market data” as the Market(s) data.

Good health everyone

In-depth analysis of healthcare data trends uncovers some very interesting indicators and a couple of immovable facts. The first is the global population is on the rise, and secondly, dependant on demographics and geographies, many are living longer. Add improved education into the mix and its clear humans are now much more self aware, with most wanting to create a higher quality life/ work balance. This has prompted a massive uptick in more people exercising and eating well as we strive to take greater care of ourselves and our families.

Essential lifesaving data

Healthcare data and its presentation will continue to provide fascinating insights that will ultimately affect us all. Providing streamlined, faster and more cost-effective access to this potentially life changing/saving information, unlike stocks and bonds, is essential to the wellbeing of every single person on the planet. Anything that enables healthcare practitioners to find and interrogate a greater variety of health data sources which will help them to better understand medical conditions etc., and then create new cures has got to be a good thing for all humanity. Right?

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