Shining a light on Clinical Cube

Monday 12th Aug 2019|London

Clinical Cube is a real-world health data company, providing composite, multi-dimensioned, data to the European Pharmaceutical community and to companies that have active investment portfolios in the healthcare sector.

Clinical Cube data is used throughout the drug lifecycle, from development through to sales and marketing. Comprising of well over 5 billion rows of data, Clinical Cube enables healthcare professional to plan, manage and benchmark their performance and allows investors in healthcare companies to plan and deploy successful strategies.

As well as accelerating and improving the development of new drugs, real world data is having a remarkable impact on the commercial performance of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Clinical Cube is central to these advances. commented. “The benefits of delivering real-word pharma data, that can be drilled down to a prescription level demographic is enormous. Making this content readily available empowers the decision-making process of anyone investing and/or managing a pharmaceutical portfolio highly significant and relevant.”   

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